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What We Do

Sound Life equips and supports Farsi-speaking Christ followers in these areas:

Discipleship Training Center

Farsi Resource Development

Leadership Coaching & Consulting

Ministry Partnerships

Media Projects

Mercy Projects

Become a Partner

Become a Partner

We are looking for partners who share our vision. Do you have skills, time, and other resources to offer for this Kingdom work?

Where do Farsi speakers live?

Farsi - official language

Farsi is an official language in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan

More than 1M Farsi speakers

Uzbekistan, United States, Pakistan, Russia

Between 500K - 1M Farsi speakers

Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Iraq

Between 100K-500K Farsi speakers

Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Australia, Israel, United Kingdom, Sweden, Bahrain, India, Canada, Kuwait

"In their own words."

Support from our long-term colleagues and mentors.

Iraj Ghanouni

Rev. Iraj Ghanouni, Founder/President, CCIA Ministry

East Cobb, GA

I have known Arash through a ministry organized to unite Iranian Christian pastors and churches in Europe and in the diaspora. Arash and April have been our technology supporters, group organizers, and leaders. I have found Arash to be a true follower of Christ who, along with his wife, April, has dedicated their life to serving Farsi-speaking believers wherever they live. Their ministry is highly valued and appreciated among the Farsi-speaking world.

Shapoor ahmadi

Shapoor Ahmadi, Director

Operation Promises ministry, Liverpool, UK

Since meeting Arash a few years ago on a cooperative mission in the Middle East, I have admired his integrity and purity, along with his passion for holiness to God’s glory; and he is a true disciple who makes disciples of Jesus. April’s passion for prayer / intercession for the Middle East is a unique gift from the Lord. Together as a couple they are role models for discipleship and prayerful living. Drawing from their significant experiences working in multi-cultural teams, they will equip leaders in wisdom to serve Christ. It’s a great honor to know and work with them in His kingdom.

Wallace Family

Achlaï Ernest Wallace, Executive Director & Founder

International Women’s Ministry Network (IWMN) London, ON

Arash & April have a heart of compassion for those who are hurting and spiritually broken, and moreover, have an unyielding passion to share the Gospel. Arash is a man of God who loves the Lord, spending many years teaching God’s Word in his community. April served faithfully on our International Women’s Ministry (IWMN) Board, demonstrating diligence in prayer and administrative giftedness. I have every reason to believe their joint efforts will continue to defeat the power of darkness and will bring light, just as they do everywhere they serve.


Steve Beck, Organizational Leadership Coach

Winston-Salem, NC

As a mentor of many leaders, I can tell you that Arash and April embody all that I love about the people I’m privileged to serve. They’re committed to a purpose greater than themselves, they believe in God for big things, they’re resilient in the face of adversity and they’re deeply committed to the life of love that Jesus commands. The thought of them passing along to others the gifts that they’ve been given gives me great joy.

2022-02-01 18.22.13

Hadi & Maryam Khazaei, Pastors

Iranian Church of the Way of God, Hamburg, Germany

Over the past 17 years, we have witnessed Arash’s fruitful and precious service in Iran and Turkey, how he endured persecution and hardship to serve others. He has equipped many servants through education and discipleship, who now serve all over the world. Our dear sister April has also served with love among the nations to spread the kingdom of God. Now that they have started their ministry in Canada, we believe that as always they will shine like jewels in the hands of our Lord Jesus. We are so glad to be partners with you in ministry.

Tara Chase

Tara Chase, Communications Director

Frontier Fellowship, Petaluma, CA

Spirit-led, trustworthy, competent, grounded, humble, authentic….these are just a few words to describe Arash and April, founders of Sound Life Global. I met April years ago in the midst of her decades-long experience in cross-cultural ministry. She and Arash bring a diversity of strengths, God-given gifts, years of dedicated service and a passion for prayer to God’s ministry through Sound Life. Together, they are making an impact among Persian-speaking faith communities as they encourage, empower and equip the body of Christ. I am excited to see how the Lord will continue to use this dynamic couple to help grow His Kingdom in the Persian world and beyond!

Kamil – ICC

Kamil Navaei, Senior Pastor

Iranian Christian Church (ICC Global) Sunnyvale, CA
I am blessed and excited to see Arash and April are stepping in their unique calling for equipping leaders and other churches to achieve their ministry goals. Arash and April with combined extensive field work experience in reaching out to Muslim countries and making disciples and leaders of different nations are set to help us and others to be more organized and focused on our ministries. We all at Iranian Global Church are honored to work, collaborate and get the proper feedback from Sound life Ministry in order to be more equipped and stay an instrument of God to save a Nation in our Generation.

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